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About Me

Hello. Welcome to my website. This is where you can get information on what I do and what I can offer you.

UPDATE (10/24/2012): I just signed up for Square payments. This means that I will be able to accept any major credit card for all my payments. I did this so my customers had another option for a payment. Thanks so much.

I have always been interested in photography ever since I was little. I just never had the equipment to pursue that interest. In 2008 I purchased my first DSLR camera, the Canon Rebel XTi. I was amazed at the quality of the shots that I took. That drove my interest even more. I mainly took photos of landscapes and flowers. They were easy and readily available.

In 2009 I upgraded and bought a Canon 50D. I was amazed at the quality in the upgrade. I felt like I needed to retake all of my previous shots so I could get that kind of quality. I wanted to expand my range of subjects. I set out flyers at Iowa State University asking for volunteers to model for me. I got a great turnout and they helped me out a lot. I took some great photos that will always be some of my favorites. I will hopefully ask for their help again in the future.

This paved the way for new opportunities. Weddings, Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, and people in general were the subjects that I was interested in. I avoided this subject for the longest of times but I am glad that I pushed myself to start doing it.

I recently purchased my newest upgrade the Canon 5D. I have read many reviews and they all seem to deem that it is one of Canon’s best cameras in their lineup. So thank you for visiting my website and feel free to email me with any questions or comments.