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I am an editorial style wedding photographer. I shoot mostly candid shots throughout the day to create that style. I like a modern look to my wedding photography. I take traditional family shots as well. I think they are important to the whole family. I can tailor myself to meet any of your wants and needs. I use natural light when possible but I love to add artificial light in some situations to add a different dimension to your shots. When editing I like to add a bit of black and white into the mix, when the moment is right.

Senior Portraits

I am an on-location photographer for senior shots. I use natural and artificial lighting. I think that the mix of the two create a wonderful array of photos for each personality. I attempt to incorporate the hobbies, interests, and activities of the future graduate into the sessions.


I can bundle the engagement shoot with the wedding and will give a discount. I try and get to know the couple enough that I can bring out their personalities whether it is goofy or serious. I like to take the couple to intimate locations that are important in their lives.

Family Photos

I like to create traditional and modern family photos. Getting everyone's personalities to come out and have fun during the shoot is important. Having fun is my number one goal.


I try to document each event as well as possible. This includes getting shots of the VIP's interacting with the guests, formal shots of their friends and family, and shots of everyone having fun.

Stock Photography

I can photograph any object or person for your company's needs.

I always give the option to reschedule for free if the weather does not permit shooting. For weddings I ask the bride and groom if they would be willing to set another date to shoot just the bride and groom in their dress and tuxedo.